• VL33000P II BigBlue light & protective case
  • Protective case PC102 A with the VL33000P II BigBlue light
  • BigBlue VL33000P II light
  • VL33000P II BigBlue light with battery
  • Ergonomic aluminium handle with the BigBlue VL33000P II light
BIGBLUE – VL33000P II (case included)
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The VL33000P II Dive Lighthouse allows you to experience an extraordinary exploration, thanks to its 45 LEDs with up to 33000 Lumens of power. Its carrying case will become your new ally!


  • Description

    This lighthouse is dedicated to underwater photographers and videographers.

    • Autonomy : 1h30 at full power
    • Luminous intensity: 33000 Lumens
    • Light angle: 160°.
    • Anodized aluminum
    • Maximum recommended depth: 100m
  • Product Details

    Data sheet

    Light Source
    45 x XML LED + 10 x XPE Red LED
    Light output
    3300 Lm (level I), 8250 Lm (level II), 16500 Lm (level III), 33000 Lm (level IV). Red color mode : 1200 Lm
    Casing material
    Aluminium alloy. Anti-corrosive anodized
    Power source
    Li ion rechargeable battery pack BATCELL 21700x4
    Angle of light beam
    160° wide beam
    Color temperature
    Burn time
    1.5 hrs (level IV), 3 hrs (level III), 6 hrs (level II), 15 hrs (level I)
    Maximum depth
    100 m tested
    Dia. 85 x L. 144.6 mm
    Weight in air
    1391 g (including battery)
    Buyoancy in seawater
    -597 g (including battery)
    Switching system
    Push button with battery indicator
    Front glass
    Tempered optical glass

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