• O-Rings (x2) for BigBlue lights
BIGBLUE – O-Rings for lights (x2)
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It is necessary to maintain the joints of the BigBlue Lamps, for an optimized perenniality.

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    Original Bigblue product, the O-ring is manufactured to the size and hardness necessary to ensure the proper sealing of Bigblue dive lights.

    It is necessary to maintain the condition of the O-rings of the diving lights in perfect condition:

    • Soak your dive light after your dive in fresh water for several hours
    • Regularly remove the O-rings from their housing: wipe them with a smooth, lint-free cloth
    • Clean the seal groove in the same way and remove any impurities
    • Take a small knob of grease (Tribolube ideally) and spread the grease all around the joint
    • Reassemble the gasket, avoiding any twisting or shearing
    • Clean the male part (the headlight head), removing all impurities in the same way
    • Screw it back on

    When you do not use your headlight for a long period of time, we advise you to disassemble it in a clean and dry place to prevent the compression of the joints for too long a period of time.

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